New Orange

Hey all. I realize I haven’t posted anything recently, but that’s because my lovely parents are visiting! Forgive me. I’ve been busy enjoying their company and showing them around Amsterdam.

Last week, Nike hosted an event at the Bijenkorf (our big department store- like Macy’s) on the Damrak here in Amsterdam. Those of you that know the city know that the Damrak is the main artery through the middle of city center. Well, guess what? Nike closed it down! Trams and cars had to be re-directed because there was a huge crowd in the middle of the street. Yeah, they have that sort of power, I suppose. Anyway, the purpose of shutting the street down and causing a huge ruckus was to unveil the Netherlands away kit for the European Championships this summer. Behold:

Black is the new orange

Cool. (read: Can’t wait til I get mine.) And yes, that is a giant projection screen on the side of Bijenkorf. Beneath it was a elevated stage, where the team captain made some remarks followed by a surprise jam session with DJ Afrojack. See?

Nike-sponsored concert on the Damrak

Not a bad way to spend a Thursday evening.