Monday Travel Memory: My First Vacation

In addition to the new Friday series about future travel, I’d also like to share memories of my previous travels. Hope you like it. 

This is me on one of my first vacations (hooray for traveling young!), if a three-year old can have such a thing. I think I had already been to Sea World though at the ripe age of two, but I’ll need to fact check with my mom. And nab a picture to share.

It was the 80’s. I think this is the summer before my little brother came along. I was a couple years old and my parents did the most awesome thing parents can do for their kid – They took me to Disney World. Aren’t parents amazing? As an adult, I now realize how selfless mine were to travel to places like this for us kids. This isn’t exactly a memory (off to a great start here…) since I can’t remember what rides we went on or how many Mickey ice cream bars I ate… and I don’t know what happened to that sweet Goofy hat. All that has faded away with time. Thing is, I’m sure it hasn’t for my parents. I’m sure they remember how much I enjoyed it, which made them enjoy it too.

Parents are the best. I miss mine more than usual today.


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