Daydreaming about… Iceland

To make things a little more consistent around here on the ole blog, I want to start sharing a daydreaming post every Friday. To indulge my wanderlust a bit. Hope you enjoy this new little addition.

Now that we’re about to move to Scandinavia, I’m obsessed with all things Nordic. Really, what’s not to love? Visions of falling snow, pine forests, steaming hot chocolate, thick blankets and, oh, geothermal spas, swirl in my head. Enter: Iceland. This place looks magical.

I want to spend the day here…


And then head back to a cozy cottage and wrap up in this…


Doesn’t Iceland seem so romantic? I’m hoping we get over there soon.

Happy Friday! Yay, weekend. I hope you all have a nice one lined up. We are going to be out and about around Amsterdam, only two weekends left here! I’m thinking a bike ride, visiting the Stedelijk Museum and maybe having a dinner here. Have to enjoy the Dam while we can.


P.S. An inspiring Icelandic road trip.

P.P.S. Stunning photos of Iceland’s volcanic rivers.