Daydreaming about… Bouldering?

It’s Friday, yaaay, and the start of a long weekend. I had a GREAT birthday yesterday. Jaro took me out for a beautiful dinner at Bluehour, which is yet another way that Portland is winning me over. Jaro won me over years ago. 😉 Birthdays take on a new life when you are far away from family & friends, don’t they? I am so much more conscious of the people that make an effort to reach out and remind me that that care. Even though I was alone most of the day yesterday, I wasn’t really alone. The calls, emails, and even facebook messages were such a comfort.

In other news, Jaro spontaneously (and secretly- that little sneak!) signed us up for bouldering classes last week. I’m so nervous. But also really, really excited. It will be fun to learn something new and adventurous together. Who knows, maybe I’ll even love it? It looks so intense!


I hope you have a great weekend. We are going to keep on keepin’ on with the house hunt, we’re pretty much on lockdown in Portland until we find a house. I’ll share some updates on that next week.


P.S. This site looks like it will be helpful about bouldering in Oregon.

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