About Us

Hi. I’m Julie and that’s my husband, Jaro. Welcome to our little blog.

We are average Americans who surprised everyone (including ourselves) when we uprooted our comfortable life in Chicago and relocated to Europe, not knowing when (or if) we’d return. We lived in Amsterdam for a mere 14 months and learned we would be heading “home” to the United States much sooner than expected. In November 2012, we moved back, this time to Portland, Oregon. It was a whirlwind, quite literally. I visited 22 countries, dozens of cities, and countless cobblestone streets.

Though we are no longer expatriates, we are forever changed by our experience of living in Europe. In surprising and profound ways, we have a new appreciation for the world. For travel. For people. For… everything.

This blog is where I share that new perspective. Jaro chimes in sometimes too. We are doing our best to enjoy these unexpected twists in our journey together. It’s our life. It’s one we never dreamed we’d have.

I hope you’ll join us for the ride.

With love,



18 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hilarious. I keep thinking about getting an American flag sticker and every time I do something stupid or culturally unaware, leaving it in that spot. Enjoy your time!

  2. Nice blog! I love this -> “We’re American. We live abroad. We’re trying not to be idiots about it.” Made me smile.
    I was in Stockholm for a holiday this summer and I loved it!

  3. Julie –
    I tried emailing you with some information about Portland (I am newer here too!) but the email bounced back – feel free to contact me directly so I can send you the note. Best, Kimberley

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