Sunday Drive: Rockaway Beach

This past Sunday, the weather reports showed a 0% chance of rain between Portland and the coast. Seemed like the perfect day to pack a picnic and head to the beach. 

…Until it rained the entire day. Literally, the whole day. When we saw a few drops coming down in the morning, we thought it would pass. Trying to be optimistic, we still hopped in our shiny, new car and headed west. Instead of spending the whole day at the beach like we originally planned, we detoured to the Tillamook Cheese Farm, where we watched the factory churning out that glorious cheese, in a (failed) attempt to wait for the rain to pass before driving along the damp coast…

Tillamook Tillamook Tillamook Oregon Coast Oregon Coast Oregon Coast Oregon Coast Oregon Coast Oregon Coast Oregon Coast Oregon CoastDespite the moody, almost spooky atmosphere, It was still really fun. And our shoes were a nice bright spot. 🙂


P.S. You can see our last Sunday drive here.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Drive: Rockaway Beach

  1. Hi Julie. It’s Sam Kruger (idk if you have my email addy:) anyway, I just wanted to let you know I’m loving reading and following your trips around Portland…you’re such a great/captivating writer (I feel like I’m right there experiencing everything with you!) and your pics are amazing/beautiful too! Definitely keep ’em coming as well as exploring/sharing your new home:) Lots of love to you and Jaro!!! xoxo

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