It’s moving day.

Happy Halloween, peeps! I hope everyone is celebrating safely and happily. We are having an unusual Halloween this year. We’re moving to Sweden today. Which means it’s our last day as residents of the Netherlands. As such, I’ve written up a little goodbye.

Amsterdam, it’s been real. You have been an incredible home to us for the past 14 months. You have opened our eyes to new experiences that we never could have imagined. Thank you. And thanks for all the amazing memories that we will cherish forever. It has truly been a pleasure. You will always have a special place in our hearts as our first home away from home.

Here is a little recap of the fun we had this year:

Yours truly,



2 thoughts on “It’s moving day.

  1. Great video! You made it personal, yet captured the spirit of Amsterdam. It looks like you have a lot of nice memories to take with you to Sweden. My fiance’ is an ex-pat from Britain, who lived in Amsterdam (he LOVED it there), and then ended up in Texas, USA, of all places. Now, we are in California, and he’s adjusting to yet another new way of life. Best wishes in your new home!!

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