Road trip: The French Lorraine region

I’m so excited to share this trip with you. It’s different from any trip we’ve taken. As you saw from the post yesterday, we just went on a impromptu road trip through Europe. And as you saw, we were very ambitious. In fact, I wish there was a stronger word for ambitious. Oh wait, there is: CRAZY.

Once everything was settled with our decision to move to Sweden, we thought we should seize the day two weeks and just explore wherever we felt like pointing the car. With our tent (yes, a tent!), a pile of travel guides and open minds, we set out from Amsterdam… and immediately hit traffic in Belgium. And it was raining. Hooray.

Our first stop was Luxembourg, where one of my besties studied abroad. Since it was raining and since we were super delayed from the congestion around Brussels, we were there for about 20 minutes. Looked pretty though.

We got back in the car and headed to the Lorraine region of France, southeast of Champagne. We visited Verdun where there is a ton of WWI history, including the largest US military cemetery in Europe. I have a thing about visiting cemeteries. I find them so fascinating.

Next, we headed to Metz, which has a similar feel to Strasbourg, with wide canals and beautiful Parisian architecture. Loved both. So charming and friendly. In Metz, Soupes a’ Soups was perfect. We had a lovely lunch there and I promised our adorable server we’d come back someday. Also, the French countryside wins. It’s the best in the world, I’m convinced. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Ahead: The French D’Alsace Route des Vins.



7 thoughts on “Road trip: The French Lorraine region

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  2. Hi – great pictures! I could use some of your advice as we are heading to a road trip from Paris to Strasbourg in the next weeks. I´d love to avoid hotels and sleep in the towns, in the country side. Any suggestion? We are four: me, my husband and Violeta and Geronimo who are 4 and 2 y.o.

    • Hi Julieta and thanks for reading. Stay in Metz for at least one night, the city is beautiful and small enough to enjoy in a day. And all the tiny towns along the Route des Vins are adorable – straight out of a fairytale. and are my biggest accommodation resources since they have private apartments and homes. Enjoy!

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