A hot minute in Strasbourg, France

We had a very brief layover here on our way back from Italy. Instead of relaxing in the airport terminal like normal people, we sprinted to the train, hopped on and ran around this tiny city on the France/Germany border. Within 90 minutes we had speed-walked across the city, eaten both a pretzel and a crepe, and gotten ourselves lost. We ended up racing back to the airport and were those embarrassing passengers that ran up to the gate and onto the plane just before take off. I’ve learned to avoid eye contact with fellow passengers in these situations. I could feel the glares without looking up.

But we did manage to snap a few pics:

It’s such a cute little place. I’d love to go back for more than 1.5 hours.

Coming up: Our first trip (I know) to London.



3 thoughts on “A hot minute in Strasbourg, France

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