They’re Souvenirs, Not Stuff

Just read this article on NYT and it inspired me to share some of our favorite souvenirs that we collected this year. We always thought carefully about our purchases, after all we don’t like a lot of clutter around the house (ask Jaro about his OCD) and never wanted to suffer with tons of luggage to cart it all home. These were a few of our non-wearable, non-edible treasures that we thought (and still think) were worth the weight.

This kilim (rug) from Turkey.

This pouf from Morocco.

This globe from Russia.

This teak dining table from the Netherlands.

This blanket from Morocco.

This tile from Morocco.

We did, of course, buy much more. These were the more interesting pieces. And nobody (not even me) should delve into the risky business of my reasonable¬†exponentially growing, enormous scarf collection. I’ll leave that behind closed closet doors.

Fun Fact: For the first 365 days that I have lived over here, I spent 127 outside of the Netherlands. That’s a third of the year, folks. Crazy. Let’s not get into Jaro’s stats, then you’ll know how often we were apart.



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