Pad Thai

Never attempted to make this before, but surprised at how easy it is. We loved it so much that we had it two nights in a row. Easy and hilarious recipe here.


4 thoughts on “Pad Thai

  1. Pad Thai is surprisingly easy to make for how delicious it is! I imagine it’s pretty easy to get the ingredients for this and other yummy exotic dishes in Amsterdam.

    • Hey Sam. We have tons of specialty food shops here, as I’m sure you do in Germany. Much more than the U.S. I still just wish they would sell chocolate chips for less than 10E a bag!

  2. Hey! So glad you liked the recipe. It’s definitely one of my favorites. Did you use sesame seeds? (looks like it in your photo). Just curious, I’m always looking for tweaks and variations to try. (I’m also curious what it’s like living in Amsterdam, but am guessing I can probably find out a little by reading more of your blog 🙂

    • Hi Patricia! So flattered by you reaching out. We did use sesame seeds, also threw some snow peas, carrots and bamboo shoots in there. Delish. It’s a very versatile dish. LOVED your writing style as well. My husband and I “loled”. Not sure why I wasn’t following you before, am now. 🙂

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