First Snow

It snowed for the first time since we moved here. Seeing Amsterdam as a Winter Wonderland is something I’m happy we are finally getting the chance to do. The picturesque canals are even more beautiful when frozen over and covered with a soft blanket of snow. But as is often the case, what makes a place charming also makes it a little less practical. Example: narrow cobblestone streets. Not surprisingly, the Dutch will still load the whole family onto a bike and hit the streets – life must go on after all. We, however, will be keeping Lazer and Cocoa under the stairs until the snow melts (Lazer and I had several close calls on our way home from work after the snow fell).

We took a stroll through Sarphati Park on our regularly scheduled Saturday walk to see families out enjoying the few inches of snow. Dogs were everywhere, kids were being pulled around on sleds and the hundreds of resident ducks were confined to about a tenth of their usual pond – it looked like a frozen South Beach for ducks. It was like pretend.

We will see what life is like during the week, something tells me riding the train isn’t going to be awesome. The snow doesn’t have anywhere to go until the sun comes to melt it. But as with everything, we will figure it out and are the best of it.

Until next time.



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