Amsterdam House Hunt, part een

Well, hallo there. I have some exciting news. Jaro and I had our apartment search with the relocation agency last week and it was a success!

We looked at seven places around the city and I could not believe the range of sizes and amenities we saw. Some teeny tiny, others colossal. Some about to cave in, others fully renovated. I am so surprised at what we can afford. And where we can afford it. At the end of the day, (can’t believe we were ready to commit after only a day), we were torn between two places and you won’t believe what we picked. We went with a 2-story, 2-bed, 2-bath, design dream for Jaro …. a LOFT!! It is huge, beautiful, spacious and sunny. We could have brought all our furniture from the States. Oh well, it will be fun to buy new things and decorate this place.

It’s the type of apartment we will not be able to have once we’re older with pets and/or children, so we are very excited to enjoy it while we can. Who are we? We even have our very own (enormous) rooftop. I hear it’s the best way to watch the NYE fireworks that explode literally all over the city. It is in the heart of the neighborhood we wanted on a quiet street between a beautiful park and a bumpin’ outdoor market. I cannot even explain to you guys how cool and how “us” this area is. Not that I think I’m cool… Anyway, we move in on October 1st, once our shipping container clears customs and we finally have all our own things.

Hooray for living abroad!



7 thoughts on “Amsterdam House Hunt, part een

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  5. my husband is in Amsterdam now on an interview. he said it’s looking good and he may get an offer. your housing sounds wonderful — could you let me know your rental agent and address — we need the space!!

  6. Hi Julie,

    Great post and it really struck a chord as I too am moving to Ams soon for a year plus. Could you please share where you lived and what sort of rent you paid? I’ve got a relocation agency for housing but your place sounds great!

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