Corporate Housing

Hi all! This first week has been great so far. I’m sure many of you are wondering where the heck we are living since we don’t have an apartment yet. Well, wonder no more. We are in a minimalist/modern apartment on Valkenburgerstraat (yes, that is a street name and a fairly simple one at that) and overlooking the Uilenburgergracht canal. I included a map to show you in the following post. It is a really nice place, and is a good location for Jaro to get to the train and for me to wander around. We are really close to the city’s biggest flea market, Waterlooplein, which has all kinds of antiques and is a great people-watching site. It is also close to the house where Rembrandt lived and worked for most of his life. It’s a nice little pocket of the city, but not the area where we want to live. We start that adventure tomorrow- we have our house search appointment with our agent. House Hunters International goes to… Amsterdam (our own “episode” coming soon to a computer screen near you). Please wish us luck as we try to find our home.


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